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Payday 2 Wikipedia.
McDonald, Tim 4 October 2013. Payday" 2 web series Episode 6 is more entertaining rubbish." Retrieved 2 September 2014. Keanu" Reeve's' John Wick film content will be woven into a Payday 2 online game episode GamesBeat Games by Dean Takahashi."
Payday: The Heist Wikipedia.
18 October 2011. PlayStation 3 1 2. NA: 18 October 2011. EU: 2 November 2011. WW: 20 October 2011. Genres First-person shooter 3. Payday: The Heist is a cooperative video game developed by Overkill Software and published by Daybreak Game Company. It was released on 18 October 2011, for PlayStation 3 in North America and 2 November in Europe. 4 It was released on 20 October for Windows via Steam. The game runs on the Diesel game engine. It contains seven different missions including the free No Mercy downloadable content DLC released on 25 July 2012, with each mission containing random elements which alter the gameplay in subtle ways with the aim of enhancing replayability. The Wolf Pack DLC was released on PlayStation 3 and PC in August 2012. This DLC added two heists, additional weapons, increased level cap, and a player upgrade tree. 2 Downloadable content. 4.1 Payday 2. 4.2 Payday 3.

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